What to Expect

UIC’s health information management curriculum integrates coursework with professional practice experience in affiliated healthcare facilities. Several of our classes are offered online.

The length of our program is two years full-time, three years part-time. Both require 63 credits for graduation. Below is a sample full-time schedule.

*Schedule may differ based on courses completed or credit transferred into UIC prior to Junior Year.

AHS Summer Exploration and Transition

Looking for an exciting, well-connected jump start to college? Let us help with AHS:SET!

Applied Health Sciences: Summer Exploration and Transition Institute (AHS:SET) meets 2 days in the summer to engage and prepare our AHS incoming freshmen and transfer students.

In a fun and interactive format, you’ll get exposed to introductory academic course work, research and tools for navigating the rigors of an applied health sciences degree.

Sharpen your skills, make connections and learn about the College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS), all before your first semester at UIC!

ENG 160English I3 hours
BIOS 110Biology of Cells and Organisms 4 hours
Understanding the Past (elective) 3 hours
HIM 101Freshman Seminar: A Session Online1 hour
General Elective 3 hours
ENG 161English I3 hours
Analyzing the Natural World (elective)3 hours
Understanding the US Society (elective) 3 hours
PSCH 100Introduction to Psychology4 hours
BHIS 406Medical Terminology2 hours
Understanding Creative Arts 3 hours
Math 110College Algebra 4 hours
KN 251

KN 253
Anatomy & Physiology I
Campus Students KN 251 (5)
Online Students KN 253 (4)
4 or 5 hours
IDS200Intro to Management Info Sys 4 hours
General Elective3 hours
World Cultures Elective 3 hours
KN 251

KN 253
Anatomy & Physiology I
Campus Students KN 251 (5)
Online Students KN 253 (4)
4 or 5 hours
Stats 101Intro to Stats 4 hours
HIM 410Introduction to the Health Care System3 hours
General Elective4 hours

Required courses

HIM 317Principles of Health Information Management4 hours
HIM 319Alternative Health Records4 hours
BHIS 405Pathophysiology3 hours
BHIS 460Introduction to Health Informatics1 hour

Required courses

HIM 480Management and Business Practices3 hours
HIM 432Coding and Classification Systems3 hours
HIM 361Human Resource Management3 hours
HIM 329Legal Aspects of Health Information Management3 hours
HIM 320Technical Affiliation2 hours
BHIS 461Information Systems for HIM2 hours

Required courses

HIM 337Analysis of Healthcare Data 4 hours
BHIS 410Health Data Structures and Management3 hours
HIM 374Health Information Research4 hours
HIM 481Healthcare Financial Management 2 hours
HIM 433Coding and Reimbursement Systems4 hours

Required courses

HIM 367Systems Analysis3 hours
HIM 343Quality Evaluation and Management3 hours
HIM 377Current Issues in HIM2 hours
HIM 384Clinical Practicum5 hours