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Located in the heart of the Illinois Medical District, UIC’s Department of Physical Therapy gives you access to state-of-the-art educational, clinical and research facilities, with proximity to major medical centers in a large urban setting.

Rather than extending the life span (the number of years a person lives), we are committed to prolonging the healthspan–emphasizing high quality of life, free of debilitating disease and dependence. Healthspan is a proactive healthy living model that moves away from the traditional healthcare model, where individuals primarily seek care in the hospital and clinics, oftentimes after becoming well-entrenched in poor health, toward an embedded culture of healthy living right where we live, learn and work.

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Stats and Facts

100% of our DPT graduates pass licensing exam & are employed 6 months after graduation
U.S. News & World Report ranks us the
doctor of physical therapy program among public universities and
program out of 239 in the country
7 clinical research laboratories Labs and centers

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Physical Therapy Degrees

Learn through innovative teaching methods and philosophies, including standardized patients, problem-based learning, team-based learning and situative perspective. Gain experience in the full continuum of care, from acute to rehabilitation to outpatient.
Name Type Description Apply
Doctor of Physical Therapy On Campus Training tomorrow's leaders in physical therapy practice Apply
Doctor of Clinical Exercise Physiology On Campus Providing unique didactic and practical training opportunities that elevate the professional preparation beyond what is currently available for students who aspire to practice as clinical exercise physiologists Apply
MS in Healthspan Promotion and Rehabilitation On Campus For scholars and researchers interested in movement dysfunction, functional limitations and the outcomes of rehabilitation on the human body Apply
Clinical Rehabilitation and Technology Research Certificate On Campus Enhance your communication and scientific writing skills while preparing for graduate curriculum in rehabilitation Apply
Healthy Living Practitioner™ Certificate On Campus or Online For health professionals who want to assess lifestyle behaviors and subsequently develop and implement Healthy Living Interventions Apply
Technology-Based Health Communication and Promotion Certificate Online Become proficient in using the web, social media and mobile applications to deliver healthy living interventions and promotions Apply

Physical Therapy Residencies

Gain real-world clinical experience, mentorship and knowledge needed to become a well-rounded specialist.
Name Type Description Apply
Residency in Sports Physical Therapy On Campus For licensed physical therapists looking to perfect their skills as sports practitioners and educators with some of the world's best practitioners Apply
Residency in Orthopedic Physical Therapy On Campus For licensed physical therapists looking to perfect their skills as orthopedic practitioners and educators with some of the world's best practitioners Apply

What makes us great

  • Shane Phillips head shot

    Shane Phillips

    Studying obesity and the control of blood flow and cardiovascular responses to diet and exercise interventions

  • Sangeetha Madhavan working with a volunteer in the Brain Plasticity Laborator

    Brain Plasticity Laboratory

    Sangeetha is testing non-invasive brain stimulation paradigms as candidate adjuvants to gait therapy to enhance walking capacity in stroke survivors

  • Gay Girolami

    Gay Girolami

    Investigating the impact of parent administered interventions for preterm infants in neonatal intensive care unit

  • HL-PIVOT Healthy Living for Pandemic Event Protection black and white logo


    Promoting human resilience and quality of life by increasing healthy living behaviors

  • Sangeetha Madhavan head shot

    Sangeetha Madhavan

    Developing individualized therapeutic approaches to advance existing neurorehabilitation practices using state-of-art technologies

  • Adam Wielechowski (left) and Deb Davey (right) are working to educate physicians on how physical therapy can be an effective alternative to prescribing opioids.

    Developing alternatives

    Educating physicians on how physical therapy can be an effective alternative to prescribing opioids

Closeup of physical therapist's hands using stethoscope and tuning fork on patient's leg

Physical Therapy Faculty Practice

Our orthopedic outpatient physical therapy faculty practice offers expert consultations, evaluations and interventions without a referral. It’s also home to a unique residency program that provides experience in patient care to Doctor of Physical Therapy students throughout their studies. Undergraduates, residents, DPT students and faculty all learn and work together.

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International partnerships

We value international collaborative relationships, and have institutional and individual partnerships around the world. With these partners, we engage in faculty and student exchange; joint research and educational activities; sharing of academic materials; and a formal clinical education exchange.