Alex McDonough

Alex McDonough grew up in Champaign, Illinois where she developed her love for art and animation. When she moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she formed her fascination for the biological sciences and the many systems that make up the body. She attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a dual degree in Biological Sciences and Studio Arts with a minor in Chemistry. During her college career, she took part in various clubs such as Pitt’s local scientific magazine, Pulse, along with taking part in cultural clubs such as Multiracial Student Association and the Filipino Student Association. After graduating, she worked as a research assistant at UPMC Hospital – Cancer Research Center where she supported research in cancer immunology and immunotherapy with a focus on TLS, tertiary lymphatic structures, and B cell response. On the side, she assisted the lab with logo and website design along with illustrating various medical figures with UPMC’s neurosurgical team.

She is excited to continue her journey in the medical field with the help of UIC BVIS program and create work that will deepen medical and biological understanding. During her graduate experience, her goals are to deepen her understanding of UI/UX, graphic design, and 3D modeling. Game development is also an area of interest. She is excited to work with faculty and peers to create future visuals that will make healthcare more accessible for patients and their families.