Jasmine Tsin

Jasmine grew up in New Hyde Park, New York. She graduated from Binghamton University with a B.S. in Cell & Molecular Biology. Unsure of what career path to take, she tested the waters in medicine by working as a medical scribe while also tutoring high school biology. She saw the value of using visual aids when communicating to patients and tried incorporating the same strategy by creating illustrations for her student. Seeing the patients and her student now understand once-mysterious concepts with newfound insight, Jasmine’s passion for art was revitalized. She wanted to combine her love of art and medicine and pursue a career in which she could help others navigate the world of health and science.

At UIC, Jasmine aims to deepen her understanding in not only science and art, but also the ways to communicate these stories to any audience. She hopes to incorporate both 2D illustration and 3D modeling and animation to make stories to educate and inspire others to learn more about medical content.