Ashley Hughes is lead author of paper accepted for publication in Frontiers in Psychology

Ashley Hughes is the lead author of “What Can We Learn from COVID-19?: Examining the Resilience of Primary Care Teams,” a paper in press with Frontiers in Psychology. Using national data sources, the paper reports the impacts of COVID-19 rates and interventions on primary care teams response.

The paper is the result of a collaborative Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality-funded study between Hughes and Trang Pham with Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University.

Hughes, A. M., Arredondo, K., Lester, H. F., Oswald, F. L., Pham, T. N. D., Jiang, C., & Hysong, S. (in press). What can we learn from COVID-19? Examining the resilience of primary care teams. Frontiers in Psychology – Organizational Psychology.