Elizabeth Lerner Papautsky to receive fall 2017 AHS Interdisciplinary Pilot Grant

BHIS research assistant professor Elizabeth Lerner Papautsky has been selected from the fall 2017 round of applications to receive an AHS Interdisciplinary Pilot Grant.  She will collaborate with two experts from UI Health: Mary Dawn Koenig, a labor and delivery nurse with research expertise in maternal health and outcomes and Jo Ann Allen, a lactation consultant with over 30 years of experience in maternal and child health.

The research project titled, “Examining Breastfeeding Education: Considering the Patient Context,” will use a human factors approach to examine the cause of lower than expected breastfeeding rates with a working hypothesis that breastfeeding education is not aimed at eliciting patient context.

Special thanks to the review committee (Joanna Abraham, Joy Hammel, Jacob Haus, Sarah Parker Harris and Sangeetha Madhavan) for their thoughtful evaluation of the proposals.