Reporting potholes on street entrances to 1919 W. Taylor St.

As we all know the potholes have gotten really bad for both street entrances to 1919 W Taylor and our front circular drive.  UIC told us this needs to be addressed by city as it’s on the street technically, not university grounds.  So I looked up where to report potholes and put in a complaint.  We all know the more people that complain, the greater the likelihood the problem is addressed.  I’m asking you to consider also filing a complaint to get some action.  To do so, go to the Chicago 311 website at:

From here, if it’s your first time using 311, you need to register.  Once you do that, you can just search on pothole and it will take you to a pothole complaint page where you enter the location of pothole (I used the Intersection one as they didn’t have one for driveway or curb) and then you can describe it and/or attach pictures.

Hoping you might take a few minutes to do this so we can get the city to address both street entrances into 1919 Taylor.