Taking video or photos at an in-person or online event? Post this public notice of filming and photography

Do you plan on taking video or photos at an in-person or online event? If so, you must post this public notice of filiming and photography on-site (physical and virtual) and in the promotional materials of the event:


Photographers and/or news media may be present at this event.

By participating and being present during the event, you give the University of Illinois at Chicago the right to use photographs or video/audio recordings taken of you during the event for educational or promotional purposes and for sharing with external news media.

If you do not wish to appear in photographs or be recorded, please avoid this area at this time or contact an event administrator.

Printable signage is available here: https://today.uic.edu/resources/photo-video-policies. Questions? Contact Erika Chavez at eachavez@uic.edu.