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All advising has transitioned to online. Please go to iAdvise or contact your faculty advisor to schedule your virtual appointment. As a student in the College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS), you are assigned an academic advisor.  Your advisor wants to see you and help you with balancing your academic, professional, and personal needs. You can easily schedule an appointment or email them with any of your questions. Additionally, we try to provide as much advising support online as possible to work around your busy schedule.  If you have questions about where to go for advising support, please contact Student Affairs for help.

Schedule an advising appointment

You may make an appointment with your department advisor by signing into the, click on the “Advising” tab to find the iAdvise icon, once inside you can find the “My Success Network” and search for your “AHS primary advisor”. Click here for view friendly start instructions. NOTE: Students with faculty advisors or individuals at the graduate level may reach out to their faculty advisor via email or the preferred scheduling method outlined in the advisors listing below.

Drop-in/ same-day advising appointments are available for our larger programs and are designated for students currently enrolled in those programs.  Information on how to drop-in with your advisor  may be obtained by logging into iAdvise through your portal  and identifying your assigned advisor in “My Success Network” on the days and times listed below.

General questions suitable for drop-in/same-day advising may include:

  • Individual course drop questions
  • Term withdrawal concerns
  • Pre-health educational goal discussions
  • Career and major exploration
  • Study abroad interest
  • GI bill, good student insurance and other quick forms that may need completion

Required advising appointments (probation, mid-semester check-in, two-year or four-year registration planning, etc.) cannot be completed during drop-in advising hours.

Drop-in/same-day advising appointments will be virtual for Spring 2022

Undergraduate rehabilitation sciences & AHS undeclared students:
Virtual Drop In Hours are available on the following days:
Week 1:  Monday – Friday
Week 2: Friday
Week 10: Friday
9 a.m.- noon and 1 p.m.- 4 p.m.
*Check your primary advisor’s profile in iAdvise for instructions.

Kinesiology & nutrition students:
Virtual Same-Day Appointments are on the following days:
Week 1:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.-3 p.m.
Wednesday: 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.- 3 p.m.
Week 10:
Friday:  9 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.-3 p.m.
*Note all same-day appointments will open at 8:30am, students will be able to schedule through iAdvise.

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Learn how to use uAchieve Degree Audit, a tool to track progress towards degree completion.

Intercollege transfer

As a UIC student, you may find yourself interested in changing your major. Each of our majors have slightly different timelines and requirements for transferring. Learn more about each of our majors and how to apply by attending an information session or reading more below.

Historical information regarding declared academic programs of study is available at


Are you interested in any of our minors? Find out more about the minor that most grabs your interest. Once your minor is complete, fill out the certification of minor form.

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