Oct 11

Speaking in Tongues: Disability and Disableism

Thursday, October 11, 2018

3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

UIC Disability Cultural Center Presents:

Speaking in Tongues: Disability and Disableism
Lecture by Jim I. Charlton

Disability studies claims that disability is socially constructed. This new “social’’ model or approach is an important advance over previous theories about the condition of disability and disabled persons that are
rooted in medicine, psychology, and therapy. This model though has numerous big problems. This talk is a defense of the model by criticizing it. The social model is flawed: long live the social model.

James I. Charlton, Research Assistant Professor of Disability and Human Development at UIC and author of Nothing About Us Without Us, is a frequent lecturer in the United States and abroad on many aspects of disability and the disability rights movement.

Real-time captioning (CART) and sign-language interpreters will be provided. Please do not wear scented products. To request additional accessibility services, please email dcc@uic.edu.

Presented by the UIC Disability Cultural Center and the UIC Institute for the Humanities


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