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  • Expanding independence

    The Assistive Technology Unit's cutting edge technology expands independence of undeserved individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • Making a difference for children with autism

    Susan Kahan brings awareness of sexual abuse to those whose job it is to keep children safe and to those who are charged with helping them overcome the dual challenge of disability and trauma.

  • To the nth degree

    New undergraduate degree program in disability and human development explores disability as a contextual and changing phenomena.

  • From the big screen to small community living

    In the documentary, "Going Home," Tamar Heller speaks in support of community living for people with disabilities.

  • Seeing diabetes as a gift, not a punishment

    Heather Gabel says the stigma associated with diabetes keeps people from getting the help they need.

  • Sarah Agamah

    Community Health Sciences
    2016-17 trainee

  • Tanya Auguste

    Clinical Psychology
    2016-17 trainee

  • Jordan Delisle

    Applied Behavior Analysis
    2016-17 trainee