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Application deadlines: May 1 or Nov 1

AT Certificate Program Application

Applications are required for the graduate certificate in assistive technology. May 1st deadline for Fall entry and Nov 1st deadline for Spring entry. Decisions will be made 2-4 weeks after the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Individual courses can be taken without applying. If you are later accepted into the AT Certificate Program, individual courses with a grade of B or higher can be applied to the program requirements. Register through Extended Campus.

Admission Requirements

An application is only necessary if you want to pursue the 12-credit graduate-level AT Certificate. To take individual courses for continuing education, simply register at UIC’s Extended Campus. A bachelor’s degree is required and prior experience in a rehabilitation science field or special education is helpful. Some courses have prerequisites.

The AT Certificate is a short graduate program designed to enhance one’s professional credentials. A bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in a rehabilitation science field or special education. Admittance to the program is based on a combination of academic professional background, work experience, and how the student intends to put the knowledge to practice. Our coursework is focused on applied practice, so we’re looking for candidates who are eager to integrate AT principles and practical knowledge in real-life situations.

How to Apply

You will need to submit the following:

1. ATCP application

The official ATCP application can be accessed through UIC’s Graduate and Professional Admissions page. Under the Graduate & Professional programs drop-down, choose Campus Certificate – Assistive Technology.

Submit by May 1 (Fall entry) or November 1 (Spring entry). Late submissions will not be considered until the next deadline. 

2. Resume/Curriculum vitae

Submit a current CV or resume under the “supplement” section of the application.

3. Transcripts

Proof of degree (such as a copy of your diploma) is required for Admissions review. However, the Assistive Technology Certificate Program requires applicants to also submit a copy of their most recent transcript.

Transcripts can be uploaded in the “Credentials Submission” section of the application. Transcripts for additional degrees you would like the committee to take into consideration are optional.

4. Application fee

A $70 application fee will become due upon submission of the application, at which time you will be prompted to submit payment. Applications remain in an incomplete status until the fee is paid.

Fee payment is accepted only online by credit card. Cash and checks are not accepted.

Where to send materials

All application materials will be uploaded through the official application.

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Do you have questions about the application process that we haven’t answered? We’re here for you.

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