What to Expect

Thinking about joining our program? Find out what you can expect as a student at UIC.

AHS Summer Exploration and Transition

Starting college can be daunting. Let us help with AHS:SET!

Applied Health Sciences: Summer Exploration and Transition (AHS:SET) meets once a week for five-weeks of summer to engage and prepare our AHS incoming freshmen.

In a fun and interactive format, you’ll get exposed to introductory academic course work, research, careers, and tools for navigating the rigors of an applied health sciences degree.

Sharpen your skills, make connections and learn the campus – all before your first fall semester.

Student Resources

DHD 101Understanding US Society3 hours
DHD 102Understanding the Creative Arts3 hours
ENGL 160Academic Writing I: Writing in Academic and Public Contexts3 hours
Analyzing the Natural World course3-5 hours
Elective3 hours
ENGL 161Academic Writing II: Writing for Inquiry and Research3 hours
Understanding the Individual and Society 3-4 hours
Understanding the Past3 hours
Analyzing the Natural World3-5 hours
Additional General Education3 hours
Elective3 hours
Exploring World Cultures3 hours
Additional General Education3 hours
Electives9 hours
DHD 201Disability, Rights, and Culture3 hours
DHD 202Understanding the Individual and Society course3 hours
Electives9 hours
DHD 301Disability, Research, and Interdisciplinary Methods3 hours
DHD 302Disability, Policy, and Law3 hours
Electives9 hours
DHD Elective3 hours
DHD Selective3 hours
Electives12 hours
DHD 401Disability, Human Development and Community Participation3 hours
DHD Elective3 hours
Electives9 hours
DHD 400Disability and Human Development Capstone1 hour
DHD Elective3 hours
Electives11 hours