Oct 26

When Identity Bumps Against the Binary: Intersex and the Medical Industrial Complex

Thursday, October 26, 2017

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The UIC Gender and Sexuality Center is hosting a series, “Let’s Talk About the I in LGBTQIA: Intersex Awareness” with local intersex artist and advocate Pidgeon Pagonis.

In collaboration with UIC’s medical campus they will have a screening of Pidgeon’s short documentary film,”The Son I Never Had: Growing Up Intersex” (26 mins) followed by a panel discussion about being intersex and the Medical Industrial Complex.

is an intersex activist, educator, and a budding interdisciplinary artist.  They are a leader in the intersex movement’s fight for bodily autonomy and justice.  Their goal is to deconstruct the dangerous myths that lead to violations of intersex people’s human rights, including common, irreversible medical procedures performed without consent to make bodies conform to binary sex stereotypes.


Pidgeon Pagonis, intersex artist and advocate;
Sean Saifa Wall, unapologetic Black voice in the intersex community;
DHD’s Dr. Carrie Sandahl, a professor, activist, and artist; and
Dr. Evelyn Figueroa, a strong queer ally and general practitioner in Family Medicine

The venue is wheelchair accessible.  For accommodations, please contact the UIC Gender and Sexuality Center at lgbtqa@uic.edu or 312-413-8619.



Carrie Sandahl