Mizanur Rahman

Meet Mizan

Mizanur Rahman is the honorary of the “Forbes 30 under 30” and the Founder of the Physically-challenged Development Foundation- PDF. In Bangladesh, he has engaged more than 5000 volunteers in his movement to unlock the potential of the youth with disabilities. He also worked as a Training and Grant specialist, Community Options, Inc. Princeton, New Jersey and at BRAC as a consultant for the BRAC Youth Project. He was a fellow of Atlas Corps Inc. and the Asia-Europ Foundation. He is a proud husband of a visually Impaired lady and happy father of a four years old son.

Why did you choose DHD at UIC?
DHD at UIC is the pioneer to launch the PhD in Disability Studies program in the states and it has the biggest alum and most experienced academicians. This is definitely a huge scope for me to learn from the expertise and senior professionals from here at DHD at UIC.

What do you want to do with a DHD degree?
I am a disability rights activist and leading one of the largest youth-led organization to promote the employment for the youth with disabilities in Bangladesh. The DHD degree will help me to gather knowledge from the different perspective in disability issues and will give me the opportunity to exchange experiences to become an influential social advocate in this field.

Research Interests
Employment for the youth with disabilities in Bangladesh; Challenges and opportunities