Healthy Living Practitioner™ Certificate

Develop healthy living interventions

Supported by the American Heart Association, the Healthy Living Practitioner™ (HLP) certificate program prepares you to become a Healthy Living Practitioner™.

Learn how to assess lifestyle behaviors and subsequently develop and implement Healthy Living Interventions. As an HLP, you’ll focus on the primordial and primary prevention of chronic diseases as well as secondary prevention in those already diagnosed with a lifestyle related disease.

HLPs are committed to supporting behavior changes towards Healthy Living and helping to ensure these changes are maintained over the long-term. As an HLP, you’ll participate in a broad range of activities related to the field including individual/ patient care, program development and implementation, teaching, research and leadership activities related to Healthy Living Medicine.

See how UIC’s Department of Physical Therapy is dedicated to healthspan, health innovation, and the Healthy Living for Pandemic Event Protection (HL- PIVOT) network.

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Stats and Facts

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Integrating early prevention health measures across disciplines
In the US, over
of individuals see a physician at least once a year, but less than
receive exercise and nutrition from counseling from their physician
#1 This pioneering curriculum is the first of its kind in the country
credit hours

Learn from the best

  • Cemal Ozemek head shot

    Cemal Ozemek

    Studying cardiac and vascular function in healthy and diseased populations

  • Grenita head shot

    Grenita Hall

    Focusing on culturally centered interventions that inspire healthy living action at local and national levels

  • Hannah Claeys head shot

    Hannah Claeys

    Practicing as an exercise specialist and discovering results in overall health and disease prevention

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