UIC’s Master of Science in Healthspan Promotion and Rehabilitation (formerly named MS in Rehabilitation Sciences)  will provide students with state-of-art knowledge in research design, measurement techniques, advances in healthspan promotion and rehabilitation, and critical appraisal of the evidence needed to support contemporary clinical practice.

Graduates of the MS in Healthspan Promotion and Rehabilitation (MS HPR) will be prepared to become faculty members in academia, assume leadership positions in the clinical or community settings, and/or contribute to the development of a scholarly basis in healthspan promotion and rehabilitation.

Areas of research focus on numerous aspects of healthspan promotion and rehabilitation, including chronic disease prevention through healthy lifestyle as well as neurological, cardiovascular, pediatric, and orthopedic rehabilitation. Both treatment effectiveness and basic underlying mechanisms will be addressed using quantitative and/or clinical measures

Through coursework, research and mentorship, you’ll learn about the measurement of impairment, functional limitations and disability.

Select a thesis, project, or coursework only curriculum, and develop:

  • Advanced knowledge of movement control and the basis for movement dysfunction
  • Skills in measurement of impairment, functional limitations, and disability
  • Skills in research on movement dysfunction and the outcomes of rehabilitation

Our students have access to faculty mentors with a wide variety of backgrounds in both basic and clinical sciences, and dozens of specialized clinical facilities in the Chicagoland area.