Committed to the healthspan: Our proactive, preventative, wellness approach

Rather than extending the life span (the number of years a person lives), we are committed to prolonging the health span–emphasizing high quality of life, free of debilitating disease and dependence. Healthspan is a proactive healthy living model that moves away from the traditional healthcare model, where individuals primarily seek care in the hospital and clinics, oftentimes after becoming well-entrenched in poor health, toward an embedded culture of healthy living right where we live, learn and work.

Take advantage of our innovative approach

  • stack a Healthspan-focused credential alongside your graduate degree
  • access Healthspan clinical experiences in our PT Faculty Practice
  • inspire Chicago youth to become Health and Wellness Ambassadors
  • gain an understanding of how to promote Healthspan using a collaborative interdisciplinary approach
  • learn how to leverage technology in promoting Healthspan
  • tap into our vast body of research and on-site experts

Current initiatives

Stats and Facts

PT Faculty Practice
Providing exceptional care to patients while training the next generation of physical therapists
A group of girls are stretching as part of an exercise routine
UIC Health and Wellness Academy
Teaching kids about healthy decision-making and encouraging healthy behaviors
A team of participating students sit around of table
Health Tech Jam
Learning to innovate and collaborate under pressure
DPT program focused on Health Innovation

Key partners

Healthspan Advisory Board

The Healthspan Advisory Board is focused on facilitating the needed change in healthcare by conceptualizing and leading implementation of Healthy Living (HL) initiatives; publishing papers that promote the concept of HL medicine and the Healthspan; seeking funding that will support implementation of initiatives; serving as expert consultants for organizations expressing an interest in adopting a HL and Healthspan culture; and mentoring early to mid-career professionals interested in the implementation and delivery of HL initiatives.

  • Sandeep Aggarwal head shot

    Sandeep Aggarwal

    Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary

  • Ross Arena head shot

    Ross Arena

    Professor and Department Head, Physical Therapy

  • Samantha Bond head shot

    Samantha Bond

    Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

  • Kevin Booker head shot

    Kevin L. Booker

    Chief of Police, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Sandeep Aggarwal head shot

    Salvatore Carbone

    Research Instructor of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Hannah Claeys head shot

    Hannah Claeys Ozemek

    Clinical Exercise Physiologist, PT Faculty Practice

  • Aniya Foster Headshot

    Aniya Foster

    Physical Education Teacher at Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, the only all-girls charter school in Chicago. Co-owner and instructor at "The Well" fitness studio (see

  • John Heybach headshot

    John P. Heybach, Ph.D.

    Founder and President of Altus Academy - a college preparatory elementary school in Chicago. Altus students can become Health and Wellness Ambassadors.

  • Andrew Hills head shot

    Andrew Hills

    Director Research Development, Faculty of Health and Professor of Sports and Exercise Science, University of Tasmania

  • Anne Holland head shot

    Anne Holland

    Research Professor, Physiotherapy, La Trobe University

  • Martha Huizar headshot

    Martha Huizar

    Registered Dietitian, Certified Lactation Counselor and Child Care Health Consultant

  • Cemal Ozemek head shot

    Cemal Ozemek

    Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, PT Faculty Practice

  • Kira Patterson head shot

    Kira Patterson

    Lecturer, Health Pedagogy, University of Tasmania

  • Scott Pedersen head shot

    Scott Pedersen

    Director, Active Work Laboratory, University of Tasmania

  • Shane Phillips head shot

    Shane Phillips

    Professor and Associate Head, Physical Therapy

  • Dejana Popovic head shot

    Dejana Popovic

    Cardiologist, Clinical Center of Serbia; Associate Professor, University of Belgrade

  • Codie head shot

    Codie Rouleau

    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary

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