What to Expect

Thinking of joining our program? Here's what you can expect at UIC

Our certificate program consists of 20 credit hours, and is usually completed in 12 months. It primarily entails a specialized learning experience in the classroom and applied research settings.

We’ve made sure to structure our program so that you’ll complete core coursework but still have flexibility to select courses that meet your individual educational goals.

Required courses

PT 505 or 506 Advances in Rehabilitation Sciences I or II 3 hours
PT 595 Seminar in Rehabilitation Sciences 1 hours
PT 596 Independent Study 1-4 hours
PT 597 Project in Rehabilitation Sciences 9 hours

Research methods

You’ll also need to complete¬†a course in research methods. We recommend¬†either one of these two:

PT 502 Measuring Motor Development and Function 3 hours
PT 563 Measurement in Rehabilitation Sciences 1 hours

You can also work with the program director (or director of graduate studies) to find another course that offers content in basic research design, and evaluation of tests and measures and their application to clinical practice. NURS 515, KN/PT 574 and AHS 510 are good examples.

Elective courses

Working with the program director (or DGS), you’ll choose elective courses that match up with your goals to reach a minimum of 20 credits.