What to Expect

Thinking of joining our program? Here's what you can expect at UIC.

The Healthy Living Practioner™ certificate program consists of 22 credit hours, and is usually completed in 9 months. 

Some courses are delivered online, while others are on-campus.

As 2017-18 is the first year the HLP™ program is offered, changes in the course schedule may occur to better meet the needs of the students and instructors. For example, three or four courses (7-10 credit hours) may be offered in fall and spring, while a single 3-credit course may be offered over the summer.

Required Courses

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HLP 500 Upstream Prevention: Epidemiology, Economics and Policy 3 hours
HLP 505 Health Harmonics and Communication 3 hours
HLP 510 Preventive Health Screening 1 hour
HLP 520 Nutrition for Healthy Living 3 hours
HLP 525 Exercise and Physical Activity for Healthy Living 3 hours
HLP 530 Behavioral Counseling for Healthy Living 2 hours
HLP 535 Use of Technology for Healthy Living 2 hours
HLP 560 Healthy Living Seminar 2 hours
HLP 590 Healthy Living Practicum 3 hours