What to Expect

Thinking of joining our program? Here's what you can expect at UIC.

The Healthy Living Practioner certificate program consists of 22 credit hours, and is usually completed in 9 months.

Required Courses

HLP 500 Upstream Prevention: Epidemiology, Economics and Policy 3 hours
HLP 505 Health Harmonics and Communication 3 hours
HLP 510 Preventive Health Screening 1 hour
HLP 520 Nutrition for Healthy Living 3 hours
HLP 525 Exercise and Physical Activity for Healthy Living 3 hours
HLP 530 Behavioral Counseling for Healthy Living 2 hours
HLP 535 Use of Technology for Healthy Living 2 hours
HLP 560 Healthy Living Seminar 2 hours
HLP 590 Healthy Living Practicum 3 hours