After You Apply

You’ve applied and submitted your application. Now what?

What's next?

You can check your application status online at any time. This will show you a checklist of all your items and let you know if they’re correct and complete.

Departmental review

All applications are reviewed by a committee of department faculty. Only complete applications are reviewed. After we complete our review of your application, we communicate recommendations and denials to Admissions and they update your official record. You can expect to hear about your status about four weeks after the application deadline or your materials are recieved, whichever comes last.

Graduate college review

In some cases, applications we recommend for admission may need to be reviewed by the Graduate College. The Graduate College may decide to uphold our recommendation or deny the application.

When you'll hear from us

You’ll get an email from us as soon as we make a decision on your application—usually about four weeks after the admissions deadline, if your application is complete. This first acceptance will tell you that we’re recommending you for admission to the Graduate College. It’s not a final decision. A final decision from the Graduate College usually follows within one month.

After a decision has been made

Once Admissions enters a decision, the application portal is updated and an official decision letter is mailed.

If you've been admitted...

Congratulations! Access our Admitted Student page for your next steps.

International students: If you’ll need a student visa, you should submit OIS financial documents through the application checklist for the Office of International Services. Contact the OIS concerning document requests and visa processing.

If you need to defer admission...

Admission can be deferred once for up to one academic year (for example, Fall admission can be deferred to the following Spring, Summer, or Fall terms). Notify us as soon as possible that you’d like to defer admission. If your deferral is approved, we’ll forward it to campus for final approval and official updates to the student record.

If you've been denied...

You may contact us directly to inquire about our decision. In some cases, we can advise you on how to improve your applicant profile or successfully apply for a future term.

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We’re here to help. If you have questions about what to do next, contact Erin Fagan.

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