What to Expect

Thinking of joining our program? Here's what you can expect at UIC

Our certificate program consists of 20 credit hours, and can be completed in 12 months if on the full-time track: fall (8 credits), spring (8 credits) and summer (4 credits) semesters.

We’ve made sure to structure our program so that you can take courses without having to travel to UIC’s campus and participate in discussions on your own schedule.

Students will conceptualize, design and evaluate a variety of ICT-driven health promotion, wellness and prevention-related programs, interventions and resources that incorporate evidence-based guidelines and target a wide array of user populations (diverse racial and ethnic groups, children and the elderly, individuals with disabilities).

  • Produce tailored programs, interventions and other resources by way of a comprehensive website and community web portal, created by the UIC Department of Physical Therapy (Rehabilitation and Wellness Online). Online resources will house a multitude of self-care supportive elements including health and wellness educational information and resources, simplified how-to videos, nutrition and activity tracking tools, data visualization images and info-graphics, virtual health and wellness coaching, and supervised community forums.
  • Employ novel health communication tactics by way of social media sites and mobile-based technologies in order to facilitate increased user engagement, enhance self-management education, and bolster multiple avenues for social support. As part of the certificate program, these components will be strategically and securely applied to target individuals and patients, families and caregivers, work site wellness programs, community organizations, and health consumers.

Required courses

Courses have a scheduled online lecture with flexible, unscheduled discussions.

Students will be required to complete the three courses below, as well as other didactic coursework and projects in digital health promotion, communication, and education (8 credit hours) under PT 596 (“Independent Study”). The elective coursework will be specifically designed based on individual educational/professional goals (e.g., PT 596: Independent Study).

PT 540Principles and Practices of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention – Spring term4 hours
PT 541Theoretical Applications of Technology in Health Promotion and Health Care – Fall term4 hours
PT 542Applied Health Communications and Content Marketing – Fall term4 hours