What to Expect in the Nutrition Traditional Program

Thinking about joining our program? Here's what you can expect at UIC

All students in the Nutrition Traditional MS will have to complete a project  and take three of the five required 500-level HN courses, for a total of 9 credits.

For your remaining 27 required credits, you’ll work with your advisor to choose appropriate coursework.

Required courses

HN 503 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 hours
HN 510 Physiological Aspects of Nutrition 3 hours
HN 555 Obesity 3 hours
HN 560 Advanced Topics in Public Health Nutrition: Development and Evaluation of Community-Based Nutrition 3 hours
HN 525

HN 505

HN 594 Nutrition and Health Counseling OR HN 525 Sports Nutrition and Counseling OR HN 505 Nutrition and Diabetes (can only use one of these courses towards the three course requirement) 3 hours