After You Apply

You’ve applied and submitted your application. Now what?

What's next?

You can check your status online at any time. This will show you a checklist of all your items and if they’re all correct and complete.

Departmental review

The time that it takes for an application to go through the review process varies. After we complete our review of your application, we communicate the recommendations and denials to Admissions and they update the official record. We do this throughout the application cycle.

After a decision has been made

Once Admissions enters a decision, the application portal updates and an official decision letter gets mailed out.

You’ll receive a decision by email or mail sometime between March and April for fall admissions and November and December for spring admissions.

If you've been admitted...

Congratulations! Access our admitted student page to follow up with next steps!

International students: If you’ll need a student visa, you should submit OIS financial documents for the Office of International Services.

If you've been denied...

Unfortunately, we can’t accept everyone. If you’ve been denied, you’ll be able to put your name on a waitlist. You may also appeal a negative admission decision, although a reversal of an initial decision is unlikely.


We’re here to help. If you have questions about what to do next, contact us.

Kirsten Straughan

Nutrition Science and Nutrition Science/DPD Programs

You can contact Kirsten Straughan at: