Lisa Tussing-Humphreys

Lisa Tussing-Humphreys

Professor, Kinesiology and Nutrition

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I lead interdisciplinary research that aims to mitigate cancers and adverse perinatal health outcomes that affect many of the diverse communities we serve at UIC. My research centers around two themes: 1) Diet and nutrition in chronic disease risk and prevention with a particular focus on colorectal cancer; and 2) Optimizing maternal diet and nutrition to improve perinatal health with a particular focus on maternal body weight, inflammation, and iron homeostasis. The common thread weaving together both areas is an emphasis on achieving health equity through diet and nutrition.

Selected Grants

National Cancer Institute, Mediterranean Diet and Weight Loss: Targeting the Bile Acid/Gut Microbiome Axis to Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk, MPI

National Cancer Institute, Effects of Time-restricted Eating versus Daily Continuous Calorie Restriction on Body Weight and Colorectal Cancer Risk Markers among Adults with Obesity, MPI

NIH/NHLBI, Feasibility of oral lactoferrin to prevent iron deficiency anemia in obese pregnancy, MPI

Selected Publications

Socioenvironmental Stressors, Gut Microbes, and Colorectal Cancer Inequities: A Chicago Perspective, American Journal of Gastroenterology

Effect of Diets Varying in Iron and Saturated Fat on the Gut Microbiota and Intestinal Inflammation: A Crossover Feeding Study among Older Females with Obesity., Nutrition and Cancer

Mediterranean Diet Adherence and Depressive Symptoms among a Nationally Representative Sample of Pregnant Women in the United States, Journal of Nutrition

Leadership in the Profession

University of Illinois Cancer Center, Co-leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Research Program

Notable Honors

2023 - Researcher of the Year, College of Applied Health Sciences


B.S., clinical dietetics, SUNY College at Buffalo, 2000
M.S., nutritional sciences, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2002
Ph.D., human nutrition, University of Illinois Chicago, 2009