Taking the long view

The master’s program in Rehabilitation Sciences, offered by the UIC Department of Physical Therapy, has a new name to reflect its expanded focus.

The two-year program is now called Healthspan Promotion and Rehabilitation.

“We’ve widened the scope of the program,” said Alex Aruin, professor of physical therapy and director of the graduate program.

Rehabilitation sciences emphasizes the development of skills in research related to treatment of patients who have already been affected by chronic conditions like stroke or cardiovascular disease.

Healthspan is the period of life when an individual is generally healthy and functionally independent. Healthspan promotion focuses on extending that period with a healthier lifestyle, including exercise and diet.

After completing the program’s required courses, students will choose electives to focus on either rehabilitation sciences or healthspan promotion.

Graduates of the program could assume leadership positions in the rehabilitation community, answer the growing demand for clinical faculty in the field, or contribute to the development of a scholarly basis for healthspan promotion or rehabilitation sciences, Aruin said.